Friday, April 18, 2008

First Warbler

First Warbler of 2008 I was watching a pair of Northern Flickers performing courtship maneuvers through the woods out over the water, back in the woods then zoom up high in the air and on an on it went. That’s when I noticed another birder coming; it was Don Clark, which for me was as good a find as the Palm Warblers we would find later on. Don is one of those gentle old soles ( he’s really not that old) that has over his life time acquired a wealth of birding knowledge and skills, so it was my great pleasure to bird Herricks Cove with him for a few hours. He freely gives his time and knowledge to others so that they may have an enjoyable time birding too. You to can enjoy birding with Don Clark. On May 4th at 7:30am Don will be leading a free Bird Walk before the 9th Annual Herricks Cove Wildlife Festival. Here are some photos of the Palm Warbler preening/posing for the camera. Bring on the Warblers, It’s Spring!
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story and photos © 2008 Peter Manship

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